MMSteelclub Meets London – Organized by S&P Global Platts

- May 16, 2019

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MMSteelclub Meets London – Organized by S&P Global Platts

At a Glance

Another example of MMSteelClub Exclusive host of a refreshment and networking break. (Organized by S&P Global Platts)


May 16, 2019


The Agenda

Registration and continental breakfast

8:30 AM

Chairman’s welcoming remarks

8:55 AM

Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Factors Impacting the Metals Market in 2019

KEYNOTE Market Update

9:00 AM

Sylvain Broyer, Chief EMEA Economist, S&P Global Ratings

  • Current state of European metals market
  • Future competition – Who is at threat?

PANEL DISCUSSION Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Outlook for the Metals Market

9:20 AM

Christopher Ecclestone, Mining Strategist, Hallgarten & Co.
David Wilson, Commodity Strategy Consultant, Freepoint Commodities
Hadi Hami, Director, MMetals Group

  • Global perspectives on economic volatility
  • What will Brexit mean for European and global metals markets?
  • Trade wars: China vs US and the impact on markets
  • Trump and the metals market

The Expansion of the Mining Industry

KEYNOTE Global Mining Outlook

9:45 AM

George Hemingway, Innovation Executive, Stratalis Consulting

  • Why is a strategic approach to innovation so important for the mining industry?
  • How can high performing industries inform and inspire the future of the mining industry?
  • What are the key challenges facing the global mining industry and what is being done to address these challenges?

PANEL DISCUSSION Mining in the Digital Era

10:05 AM

Gauthier Canart, Mining Solution Leader, Associate Partner, McKinsey

  • After about a decade of declining productivity, (MPI) has confirmed the trend is reversing via technology-enabled transformation of mining operations
  • Discussing future implementations on how the industry can improve performance by fully leveraging digital opportunities within technological transformations
  • Modern technology provides operations with ample data and advanced analytics, how can this be used to effectively improve productivity and reduce costs?

The Future of Steel Markets

KEYNOTE The Global Outlook

10:30 AM

Sanjeev Gupta, Executive Chairman, Liberty House

  • What is the forecast for Indian Steel?
  • The golden era of Vietnamese steel market to lose shine in 2019?
  • Can China sustain the current situation?
  • Overcapacity and environmental pollution; is China going to be able to keep the undertaking on capacity cuts?

PANEL DISCUSSION How do you guide your business in a world of trade uncertainty?

10:55 AM

Freek Schut, Sales Director, Tata Steel
Julian Verden, CEO, Stemcor Holdings
Jeroen Vermeij, Director for Market Analysis and Economic Studies, EUROFER

  • Will increased economic pressure help to reduce the burden of global overcapacity?
  • How long will uncertainty persist and what impact will this have on investment?
  • Are trade flows in Europe likely to be affected long term by the current trade policy of Section 232?

Refreshment Break

11:20 AM

Raw Materials & Metallic Outlook

KEYNOTE A refiner’s perspective on the future of financing the precious metals supply chain

11:45 AM

  • Future road map offers opportunity and some dangers
  • The need to map and monitor the entire precious metals supply chain to increase integrity adds to admin and cost overheads
  • Appearance of new digitally based eco-systems

PANEL DISCUSSION The effect of China’s scrap import restrictions on global copper recycling

12:10 PM

Li Jian, Chief Marketing Analyst, Bao Steel
Jim Lennon, Managing Director, Red Door Research

  • How will the world be adjusting to a new Chinese ban on certain copper scrap imports?
  • Analysing copper usage then and now: is the current rate of recycling behind the actual demand for it?
  • Biggest challenges facing copper recycling: complex materials recycling, small parts recycling. Vital technologies to make recycling more efficient
  • Impurities in copper concentrates – how are mines and smelters dealing with it?

Networking Lunch

12:25 PM

Global Aluminium Opportunities


1:30 PM

Torbjorn Sternsjo, SVP Technology & Business Development, Gränges AB

  • Latest state of play for aluminum consumption and trade flows: dissecting its role in global markets

Latin & North America

1:50 PM

What’s moving the aluminum markets in the region?


2:10 PM

Paul Adkins, Founding Owner, AZ China

  • Update on aluminum development with a special focus on India, Malaysia and Indonesia

The Age of Battery Metals

KEYNOTE Market outlook and streamlining the cathode, cell and raw materials value chain

2:30 PM

  • How can the industry work together to maximize profit and value by maximizing efficiency in the value chain?
  • Can we quantify the approximate value lost in the supply chain inefficiencies?
  • Sketching more efficient scenarios; mines near cathodes and cathodes near battery plants
  • What hurdles must be overcome to approach a more effectual supply chain scenario?
  • As the industry grows in size, how are cathode and battery companies responding to the call?
  • Where do companies consider their economies of scale to lie? When does marginal cost of production max out?
  • What are the main challenges to cathode companies moving towards the ends of 2018?

PANEL DISCUSSION The Clash of Titans

2:55 PM

Alina Racu, Market Analyst Nickel, MMC Norilsk Nickel
Anne Oxley, Technical Director, Brazilian Nickel
Anthony Milewski, CEO, Cobalt 27

  • There is a battery tug of war between nickel and cobalt that is being driven by electric vehicle (ev) manufacturers’ desire to cut battery cell costs and increase energy density
  • The push to increase nickel 811 cathode chemistry appears to not yet be commercially viable on a large scale, when will this obstacle be overcome?
  • Chinese battery manufacturers are partnering with European car makers and have started building battery factories in Europe, while at the same time more Lithium, Nickel and Cobalt projects are starting in Europe – will Europe be able to challenge the Asian Battery Making crown in the future and what will that mean for investment opportunities and supply chains?
  • Democratic Republic of Congo declares battery metal cobalt ‘strategic’ in move that triples royalties

KEY TAKEAWAYS What you need to tell your boss?

3:20 PM

Quick summary of learning outcomes Conclusion and final points

Exclusive Afternoon Tea with MMSteelClub

4:00 PM 6:00 PM

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Drinks Reception with MMSteelClub and Platts

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

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Dinner, 7th Annual S&P Platts Global Metals Awards & Party*

7:30 PM – 10:30 PM

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