Search AISI Update on Raw Steel Production in US in Week 06

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In the week ending on February 8, 2020, domestic raw steel production was 1,899,000 net tons while the capability utilization rate was 81.4 percent. Production was 1,917,000 net tons in the week ending February 8, 2019 while the capability utilization then was 82.4 percent.

The current week production represents a 0.9 percent decrease from the same period in the previous year.

Production for the week ending February 8, 2020 is down 0.8 percent from the previous week ending February 1, 2020 when production was 1,914,000 net tons and the rate of capability utilization was 82.1 percent.

Adjusted year-to-date production through February 8, 2020 was 10,668,000 net tons, at a capability utilization rate of 82.1 percent. That is up 1.8 percent from the 10,478,000 net tons during the same period last year, when the capability utilization rate was 81.3 percent.

Broken down by districts, here’s production for the week ending February 8, 2020 in thousands of net tons: North East: 231; Great Lakes: 689; Midwest: 201; Southern: 703 and Western: 75 for a total of 1899.

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