Steel Shipments in US in May Down 33% YoY

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The American Iron and Steel Institute reported that for the month of May 2020, U.S. steel mills shipped 5,461,851 net tons, a 2.9 percent decrease from the 5,623,229 net tons shipped in the previous month, April 2020, and a 32.9 percent decrease from the 8,142,270 net tons shipped in May 2019. Shipments year-to-date in 2020 are 35,194,683 net tons, a 13.1 percent decrease vs. 2019 shipments of 40,504,746 for five months.

A comparison of May shipments to the previous month of April shows the following changes: hot dipped galvanized sheet and strip, down 3 percent, hot rolled sheet, down 4 percent and cold rolled sheet, down 6 percent.

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