Coronavirus Outbreak: Is it influencing the HRC/Steel Flat Product markets?

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April 2, 2020


7:30 AM EDT


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Coronavirus continues to disrupt the functioning of many businesses including steel mills around the world. Some steel mills have been forced to reduce production and cut costs

Join us online for this free webinar to discuss about the impacts of COVID-19 on Flat Steel.

We will be exploring the following key areas.

Will COVID-19’s economic impact weaken HRC prices?

Are we likely to see cuts in steel flat production due to the epidemic?

Is flat steel on the rise?

A live Q/A session with speakers will be available at the end of the webinar.

Mihir Desai
Supply Chain Executive
Welspun Pipes
Subject – Supply and demand aspect concerning HRC/Line Pipes in the North American market.

Gorkem Bolaca
Managing Director at Galex Steel International
Subject – Impacts of coronavirus on the Asian Steel Flat Product markets.

Dr. Ankur Dana
CEO at DANA Group
Subject – Consumption trends concerning Steel Flat Products in the Middle East

Devvrat Moondhra
Resident Director at Duro Steel AG
Subject – Pricing trends concerning HRC products

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Mihir Desai

Mihir Desai

Supply Chain Executive - Welspun Pipes USA
Dr. Ankur Dana

Dr. Ankur Dana

CEO - DANA Group
Gorkem Bolaca

Gorkem Bolaca

Managing Director - Galex Steel International UK
Devvrat Moondhra

Devvrat Moondhra

Director - Duro Steel AG

Featured Registered Companies Include:

  • BRC industrial saudia co - Saudi Arabia
  • Colakoglu Metalurji A.S. - Turkey
  • Dalouraco - Canada
  • Dalouraco - Canada
  • DRiV Incorporated - Romania
  • DURO STEEL AG - United Arab Emirates
  • EU-Metal - Belgium
  • Ferrosource LLC - United States
  • fis - United Kingdom
  • Galex Steel International - Turkey
  • Galex Steel International - United Kingdom
  • Gerdau Corsa - Mexico
  • ImportLink Vietnam Corp. - Vietnam
  • Io’s Shipbrokers - Turkey
  • Io’s Shipbrokers - Turkey
  • J N Diamonds - Belgium
  • Linkas Steel - Turkey
  • Metalshub - Germany
  • Paramount Communications Ltd - India
  • Pazko - Panama
  • Rahat Steel Ltd - Bangladesh
  • S&P Global Platts - Singapore
  • Saudi Iron & Steel Co. Hadeed - Saudi Arabia
  • - Italy
  • Toreks Metal - Turkey
  • Tradex - Pakistan
  • Tubular Steel Inc. - Canada
  • UMC - Russia
  • UMC (OMK) - Russia

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