Will COVID-19 influence the global Graphite industry?

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May 7, 2020


7:30 AM EDT


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Has the demand for Graphite changed during this time of crisis?

Join us online for this free webinar as we discuss the impacts of coronavirus on the global Graphite market.

Topics of discussion:

What are the predictions for the Graphite market for Q2 of 2020? How do you see the supply/demand balance in the long term?

How has China’s landscape affected the world in terms of Graphite electrode production and supply?

How many projects are expected to come online? How much extra capacity does this bring to the market?

How is demand performing in main consuming markets?

What are the market drivers and trends concerning the Graphite industry?

Will the COVID-19 impacts on the construction industry affect the demand for expandable Graphite?

Are there projections of oversupply for the next decade?

Are we likely to see changes in the import and export patterns?

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Donald K Baxter  

Donald K Baxter  

CEO, Director - Applied Graphite Technologies
Kerry Satterthwaite

Kerry Satterthwaite

Division Manager - Roskill
Stephen Riddle

Stephen Riddle

Former CEO - Asbury Carbons

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