Will the Iron & Steel markets in the Middle East and North Africa survive coronavirus?

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April 9, 2020


7:30 AM EDT


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Outbreaks like coronavirus results in drastic consequences in the political, social and economic world. Many countries in the Middle East and North Africa imposed lockdowns. The Iron & Steel markets in the Middle East took a severe blow.

Join us online for this free webinar to discuss about the impacts of COVID-19 on Iron and Steel markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

We will be exploring the following areas.

Has the COVID-19 epidemic generated a weak demand for steel products in the Middle East and North Africa?

Currently, what are the biggest challenges for steel producers?

What are some of the key concerns surrounding steel trade in the Middle East?

Ramy Saleh (Egypt)

Ramy is the Chief Business Development Officer at El Marakby Steel.

He will be speaking about the the impact of coronavirus on the North African Steel Market.

Dr. Ankur Dana (Dubai)

Dr. Ankur is the CEO of DANA Group.

He will be discussing the consumption trends concerning Steel Flat Products in the Middle East.

Thomas Narholz

Thomas is the Former CEO of NORIC Swiss GmbH.

He will be speaking on the impact of coronavirus on the technological aspects of steel concerning the Middle East.

Muhieddine Chatila (Saudi Arabia)

Muhieddine is the Commercial and Business Unit Director at BRC Industrial Saudi Co.

He will be talking about the impact of coronavirus on the steel distribution cycle in Saudi Arabia.

A live Q/A session with speakers will be available at the end of the webinar.

An updated list of panelists, speakers and delegates will be online shortly.

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Muhieddine Chatila

Muhieddine Chatila

Commercial Director - BRC Industrial
Thomas Narholz Austria

Thomas Narholz Austria

Former CEO - NORIC Swiss GmbH
Ankur Dana

Ankur Dana

CEO - DANA Group
Ramy Saleh

Ramy Saleh

Chief Business Development Officer - El Marakby Steel

Featured Registered Companies Include:

  • Akin Haddecilik - Turkey
  • Akin Haddecilik - Turkey
  • Algerian Qatari Steel - Algeria
  • Altuwairqi steel - Saudi Arabia
  • Bank of America - United States
  • BRC Industrial Saudia - Saudi Arabia
  • Calderon Marin - Mexico
  • Çokyaşar Holding - Turkey
  • Colakoglu Metalurji A.S. - Turkey
  • Compact Brokerage - Belgium
  • Coripasa - Mexico
  • Cotia S.A. - Brazil
  • DANIELI - India
  • Delta Steel Technologies - United States
  • DIATRADE LTD. - United Kingdom
  • DITH MENA - United Arab Emirates
  • Dith Mena - United Arab Emirates
  • DITH Mena DMCC - United Arab Emirates
  • EU-Metal - Belgium
  • EuroAsia Minmet Corp. - India
  • Eurometalix Ltd - Cyprus
  • Fe Trade, UAB - Lithuania
  • Grout analytics - Mexico
  • ImportLink Vietnam Corp. - Vietnam
  • Io’s Shipbrokers - Turkey
  • Io’s Shipbrokers - Turkey
  • Io’s Shipbrokers - Turkey
  • Jotun powder coatings - Saudi Arabia
  • Katerra Saudi arabia llc - Saudi Arabia
  • KD Industries INC. - United Arab Emirates
  • Kibar Dis Ticaret - Turkey
  • Kiocl - India
  • Kroman Çelik - Turkey
  • Liberty Group - United Kingdom
  • Linkas Steel - Turkey
  • Lithon Project Consultants - Namibia
  • Lithon Project Consultants (Pty) Ltd - Namibia
  • Manuchar Steel - Belgium
  • MESH & STEEL TRADING LTD - Mauritius
  • Metal Chartering - Turkey
  • Metalshub - Germany
  • Metrading International AG - Switzerland
  • Mongolia Investments LLC - Mongolia
  • MS - United States
  • N K Enterprises - India
  • N K Enterprises - India
  • Nesma & Partners Co. LTD. - Saudi Arabia
  • NPT AG - Switzerland
  • Ores and Minerals UK Ltd - United Kingdom
  • PSI Metals - Mexico
  • PSI Metals - Mexico
  • Rajhi Steel Industries Limited (Rajhi Steel) - Saudi Arabia
  • RKG INTERNATIONAL FZC - United Arab Emirates
  • sabic - Lebanon
  • sabic - Lebanon
  • Sabic - Lebanon
  • SAMSUNG C&T CORP. - Saudi Arabia
  • SBB Global Engineering - Tunisia
  • Shehab Saudi - Saudi Arabia
  • Surface Marketing Management - United Arab Emirates
  • TPM Consultores - Mexico
  • Tubular steel - Canada
  • Tubular steel - Canada
  • Universal Rolling W.l.l. - Bahrain
  • VA Intertrading - Austria
  • Winoa Middle East and Africa - United Arab Emirates

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